What is Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses are made from individual pocket springs. Each of these is within its own fabric pocket, all of the springs work independently from one another. The pocket springs react when the pressure is applied to the location. In turn, this offers a higher level of support for each person lying on the mattress.

The pocket springs, unlike traditional open coil mattresses, don’t move as a whole unit. Each one moves individually, offering greater levels of support. Therefore correctly supporting your body. These can be beneficial especially if both people sharing the bed are of different weights, or one of the partners tends to toss and turn.

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Benefits of Pocket Sprung Mattresses

These are a very popular mattress, here are some of the main benefits and reasons why?

  • With each pocket spring reacting separately to the pressure, rather than spreading the body weight throughout the mattress. In turn, this helps reduce that feeling of rolling into your sleeping partner thus offering a good nights sleep.
  • Firmness – each of the pocket springs is enclosed in its own fabric sleeve. Creating an even level when it comes to firmness throughout the mattress.
  • Whole-body support – Considered a premium product, they offer total body support. They come in a wide range of difference pocket spring counts and firmness ratings, to give you the desired support you require.
  • Pressure relief – As they work independently, they can support your whole body to a greater degree than the traditional open coil systems. Keeping your body well supported and reducing the risks of pressure building up.

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An important factor is that the pocket springs are only one element of the mattress. Other comfort layers such as memory foam and natural fillings also can have an added benefit to the overall feel of your mattress.

Finally, if you require more information regarding which mattress would best suit your requirements, please contact us.

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