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Open coil mattresses sometimes also known as Bonnell sprung mattresses. Offers a traditional method for manufacturing with large production at a lower cost, making them a very cheap mattress to buy. On average an open coil mattress will have around 300 springs, they come with various fillings including; wool, white fibre, cotton, silk and sometimes cashmere. Bonnell sprung mattresses tend to come in a soft, medium, medium-firm and orthopaedic mattress.

With the open coil mattresses, the springs are linked together by a wireframe which offers added support. Whereas pocket sprung mattresses offer more support as they are made up of individual springs in their own pockets to work independently of one another. With pocket sprung mattresses, they can have anything from 500 to 5000 pocket springs, the higher the count the more support offered.

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What are the Pro's and Con's with Open Coil Mattresses?

Pros: Open coils offer good support and are often used for orthopaedic mattresses for their firmness. Furthermore, they are generally lighter and more easy to turn. Open coil mattresses which have a memory foam topper offer a higher level of comfort.

Cons: They can be known to dip in the centre after a lot of use, couples can also end up rolling together with this type of mattress. For children they can be a good investment as they will last around 3 – 5 years generally before they need replacing.

The gauge is what indicates the thickness of the actual wire which is used on the springs. The lower the number is the thicker the gauge, in turn, this helps create a firmer mattress. For example, a 12 gauge will be very firm, offer a good level of support. For people who require a little softer would choose a higher level. A higher gauge rod also helps the mattress keep its shape and it also helps it reduce side sag.

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