Why Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses the main advantage is that it is excellent at significantly reducing pressure points on the body. Whilst at the same time providing support to the body and cradling you. They can now be used with either all-foam mattresses or pocket sprung and open coil sprung mattresses.

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Invented by NASA

Initially, memory foam was invented by NASA it was created to offer a safer material for their seating. In later years NASA worked to commercialise this for more practical day to day purposes firstly in medical settings, then homes. The memory foam today is more breathable than the initial, memory creation, making it ideal for beds, mattresses and pillows.

Its a much more dense product that other forms of mattresses. In-turn offering a more support under the body, then newer memory foam moulds to the user’s body. Meaning they achieve consistent breathability and body heat, which helps prevents sores.

Choosing the correct type

The answer is it is dependent on the user. It really depends on how you sleep and the comfort and firmness you require. Take a look at the properties of each of our mattresses they should help advise you.

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Need more help in choosing the right mattress?

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