Latex Mattresses A Natural Alternative To Memory Foam

Latex mattresses are a combination of latex foam with springs or reflex foam to offer a supportive sleeping surface. They offer an excellent and more natural alternative to memory foam. Like memory foam, they are available as either solid blocks of latex or with either open coil Bonnell sprung and pocket spring combinations. Latex is made from the rubber tree plant and is a cooler alternative to memory foam and offers great comfort and pressure relief.

Furthermore, latex mattresses offer natural, hypoallergenic and pressure relieving properties

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What are the benefits of Latex Mattresses ? 

  • Due to their elastic properties, they can respond to your shape, weight and body movements. The mattresses elasticity helps with supporting the heavier parts of your body offering good pressure relief.
  • This type of mattress can help maintain its shape for many years
  • Dunlopillo created single-sided mattresses, therefore, there is no need to turn them around.
  • The structure of this product means its resistant to dust mite. Which is great news for allergy sufferers, offering them a healthy nights sleep.
  • One of the most eco-friendly fillings currently on the market.

Latex Vs Memory Foam 

Both products are produced in a totally different way, below are the main differences between them.

  • Latex goes back to its original shape much faster than memory foam, offering more bounce.
  • With memory foam it uses your body heat it moulds to your body shape. With latex it does not require heat, instead, it responds to your shape and weight offering a pressure relief which is tailored to your own body.
  • Memory foam is a synthetic material whereas latex is a natural product.

Finally, we have a wide range of latex mattresses below from well-known brands. If you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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