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Memory Foam Mattresses Vs Pocket Sprung


Memory Foam Mattresses Vs Pocket Sprung

Confused as to which to choose memory foam mattress or pocket sprung mattress? Then hopefully this article will be able to guide you to the right one to suit your specific requirements.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Firstly starting with the pocket sprung mattress, this is an enhanced type of spring mattress which is created to offer you more support and comfort. Regular spring mattresses have the springs linked together, whilst with a pocket sprung the springs are in individual pocket springs throughout the mattress.

They have a number of springs placed inside the mattess to offer a more firm supported feeling. In addition, they offer more bounce to the surface. They don’t however, provide as much support to the actual pressure points on the body compared to a memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is temperature sensitive, the mattress adjusts the surface temperature to your body heat. If you suffer from being hot during the night, then this mattress may not be the right choice as it heats your body whilst you sleep. Some of our mattresses do have covers however which stop the mattress from overheating, ensuring they keep to a perfect temperature, therefore, please read our descriptions on each of our mattresses.

Another great point about memory foam mattresses is they distribute the weight equally across your body. They also feature a no roll together technology to help keep you supported during the night. A memory foam mattress also has a more softer feel and supports the pressure points of your body. Furthermore, they have some great additional features and the ability to conform the body, offering additional support and relief to certain pain points.

If delivery is an issue, we offer a range of memory foam mattresses which come vacuum packed. Meaning it is easy for delivery and to place the mattress in a room of your choice. Take a look at our Edwin & Taylor range of mattresses, these also have free next day delivery.

Considerations Memory Foam Mattresses Vs Pocket Sprung

Heat – If you are often too hot during the night then a memory foam may make this issue worse depending on the mattress. Look for mattresses with cool covers which help stop the mattress from overheating.

Moving – for people who move a lot during the night, a pocket sprung mattress will allow for this.

Sharing a bed – people who share a bed, maybe better with memory foam as it helps absorb movement, which means fewer disturbances for your sleeping partner.

Durability – memory foam is generally thought to be a more durable option.

Support – when it comes to people suffering from joint or spine issues memory foam may be more suitable to your requirements.

Comfort – This is really your personal preference, for people who like something more firm with less bounce then memory foam may be better suited to your needs. However, if you prefer a mattress which has more spring in it then go for pocket springs.

Finally, the other option is to go for a mattress combining both the pocket springs and memory foam. Take a look around our site at the different mattresses we offer. You can also read more about the benefits of each of them and the technology behind them. You can view our full range of mattresses here. 

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