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Dunlopillo Mattresses -Big Reductions – Number One Beds


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Dunlopillo is known as one of the best bedding brands today in the world. They are both the authority and leading manufacturer of latex mattresses.

The Dunlopillo mattresses are designed to offer long-lasting performance and hold their shape and stay durable for years to come.  Within the Dunlopillo mattress is Actipro TM technology this helps offer natural protection when it comes to dust mites, odours and allergens.

These latex mattresses were designed to create long-lasting performance, using their natural resilience to keep their shape and stay durable.

Another important factor about this range of mattresses is they don’t require turning.

Dunlopillo Mattresses – The Signature Collection 

The signature collection represents their blueprint for comfort. Each of the six mattresses offers its own unique place to relax and unwind. Designed to offer excellent postural support at the same time delivering a fantastic level of luxury which is unparalleled.

Dunlopillo Millennium Mattresses


Dunlopillo Millennium mattress offers medium support and is filled with extra deep latex. This mattress has 7 comfort zones for a better nights sleep. The latex helps offer instant pressure relief, which in turn can help encourage the blood supply to flow through to your muscles.

Created to deliver a long-lasting performance using natural resilience. Furthermore, the mattress comes with anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

The Actipro technology which is used within the fabric helps to remove unwanted allergens, helping you have a more refreshing sleeping environment.

For your information, this mattress comes in 5 different sizes from 3ft to 6ft. You can find more information regarding the benefits in our online store.


Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign


This is a timeless classic, expertly engineered to offer a deeper more comfort core and holistic levels of luxury. A medium support mattress which does not require any turning. Both resilient and responsive to help offer a natural nights sleep.

7 comfort zones and latex to help adapt to your own movement, therefore, helping encourage more natural sleep.

With its latex open cell structure which uses millions of interconnecting microscopic air bubbles to promote constant air circulation. In addition, the natural movement helps to ventilate your mattress ensuring it is kept at a comfortable and more constant temperature.

Furthermore, the elasticity of the latex offers instant pressure relief, helping the blood supply to the muscles to help you feel more revitalised and refreshed.

Available in 5 different sizes from 3ft to 6ft, you can find out more information in our online store.


Dunlopillo Diamond Mattress


This mattress comes with stylish aesthetics and contemporary depth. Optimized to offer support with its latex interior. It comes with a multi-density comfort core, 7 support zones, in turn, producing a pioneering experience.

The mattress offers medium support and no turning is required. The breathable latex responds and adapts to each individual profile, helping encourage a good nights sleep.

Made of interconnecting, microscopic air bubbles the latex open-cell structure offers support and consistent air circulation.

Actipro technology helps to remove any unwanted allergens, reduce the bacteria and any unpleasant odours offering a better nights sleep.

Available in 5 different sizes from 3ft to 6ft, should you require more information, please visit our online store.


Dunlopillo Celeste Mattress


Celeste Dunlopillo mattress offers firm support.

With no turning required, it is designed to help provide a natural and undisturbed nights sleep.

It has 7 comfort zones and a latex open cell structure which is made using interconnecting microscopic air bubbles.

The natural movement helps to ventilate the mattress helping keep it at a more constant and comfortable temperature.

The natural latex comes with anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Actipro technology is used to help eliminate any unwanted allergens, reduce bacteria and unpleasant odours to help aid a good nights sleep.

Available in 5 different sizes from 3ft to 6ft, for more information, please visit our online store.


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