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Over 40 years experience of finding customers find the correct mattresses. Here at Number one beds, you can be assured of finding a mattress to suit your own individual requirements. Often looking at the different types can be a little confusing, therefore we are always here on hand to give you any advice required.

No matter if you are on a budget or want something a little more luxurious we have them covered.

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Four Different Types

Mattresses generally come in four main types Pocket Sprung, Memory Foam, Open Coil & Latex. Each of these has its own advantages if you click on the various types, you will find project information in each category in detail regarding the benefits. It is certainly worth taking the time to research the different types, after all getting a good nights sleep is priceless.

Own own range is Edwin & Taylor take a look at some of the great prices we are offering on our website and quality for these products.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

These are made from individual pcoket springs, each pocket spring comes in its own fabric pocket. The springs all work independently from each other. Pocket sprung are the best type currently available,they come with a mixture of fillings such as memory foam, latex, cotton, silk, cashmere and wool. Spring counts vary generally from 800 in a typical kingsize mattress to 14,000 pocket springs, various firmness levels are also available.

Memory Foam

Orignally invdented by NASA for safter material in their seating. They worked to commercialise the product for more day to day purposes, firstly in the medical industry, then homes. The memory foam offers more support underneath the body, newer memory foams mould to the body helping prevent stores, and achieving a more consistent breathability and body heat.

Open Coil

A traditional method produced at a lower cost, making the prices very cheap to buy. Open coils typically have around 300 springs and come with various fillings such as wool, white fibre, cotton silk and in some occassions cashmere. They are linked together with a wire frame for support. These are often used for orthopaedic mattresses due to their firmness. Overtime they have been known to dip in the centre after a lot of use, often couples can end up rolling together with this type of mattress. In the case of Childrens beds however they can be a good option as they generally last around 3 to 5 years before they require replacing.

Latex Mattreses

These are a combination of latex foam with springs or reflex foam. They offer a more natural alternative to memory foam. Available either as solid blocks of latex or with an open coil or pocket spring system. The latex is made from the rubber tree plant, therefore it offers an alternative cooler option to memory foam with great comfort and pressure relief.

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Finally, if you are in a hurry, then check out our next day delivery mattresses. You can order today and have them delivered the following day! Furthermore, we also offer a wide range of beds with FREE next day delievery too.

Take a look at our collection to find out more about the different types available.

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