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Mammoth Mattresses That Do You Good

Mammoth Mattresses are very comfortable and have been scientifically shown by the Centre for Sleep research to improve sleep.

In 2015, Mammoth mattresses formed a partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy who are the UK’s leading representative for physiotherapists, to date of publishing this page they have 54,000 registered members.

This shows that Mammoth mattresses go that extra mile when it comes to looking after the wellbeing and health of their customers.  To see  more about the benefits of these mammoth mattresses view their promotional video to the left.

Testimonial Video Pete Reed Olympic & World Champion Rower

See what Pete Reed had to say…

“I have never slept so well or woken feeling so fresh and ready.” View the full video to the right.

Sleeping Tips

Sleeping Tips

Did you know that changes in sleep patterns can move the body’s natural clock. Minimising disturbances within your sleeping environment can have a good positive effect.

Sleeping in darkness – Exposure to the light can cause our eyes to send messages to the brain telling it to stay awake. Therefore having too much light in our bedrooms can disturb our natural sleep cycle and quality of sleep.  Temperature can also have an effect the ideal temperature for a good nights sleep is around 16 – 18 degrees celsius.

Decor – Bright colours in the bedroom maybe eye-catching however they are not the best for a good night’s sleep. In addition, avoid clutter in the bedroom and make sure it does not double up as a home office or study. This is known as sleep hygiene.

A good bed – You may not be surprised but the bed is the most important part of sleep. Size, age and quality of your sleeping surface all play a role in helping you achieve a comfortable nights sleep. Bigger is better, if you can stretch to a Kingsize or even a SuperKing you will thank yourself for it.

Your Sleep Routine

Establishing a regular pattern for your bedtime is important for encouraging the body and the mind to prepare for sleep.

Here are a few tips to help you with your routine.

Keep hours regular – Try to go to bed at the same time each day it can help with the quality of sleep.

Relax – When going to bed try to relax whether that’s having a warm bath or perhaps listening to some soothing music allow your slow down gradually.

Reduce lighting – reducing your light intensity during the evenings using low-wattage bulbs or dimmers can help send sleep signals to the brain to prepare for bedtime.

Cut down the screen time – the screens on the devices we use emit short-wavelength rich light. The blue light affects the levels of sleep and induces hormone melatonin.

Avoid tea and coffee – both tea and coffee are stimulants, although they maybe great for getting you up and going in the mornings. Having them during the evenings can prevent the brain from entering the early stages of non-REM sleep.

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