Upholstered Beds Choosing The Right Colours

Upholstered beds can look absolutely stunning in your bedroom. However, it is important that you get the right colour to complement your room.

Beds are often the focal point of a bedroom, so getting the right colour and fabric is important.

Today there are a huge variety of fabrics, colours and styles on the market, many in a huge range of sizes.

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Choosing the right bed

Upholstered Beds The Sizes

Whether you want a bed for a child’s room or an adults room we have a range of different sizes to suit.

From single beds to super kingsize the important factor is to get a bed which fits right in your room setting.

Ensure you check your room and the measurements correctly before ordering to ensure that the bed will not only fit but look right.

Storage Beds 

Upholstered beds also come with a range of different storage options. Which is perfect especially for rooms or houses with little storage space.

Whether you choose a bed with drawers or ottoman storage for maximum space we have a wide range to choose from.

Ottoman storage beds for your information, raise up with the mattress in-turn this means you can store a whole host of things underneath your bed neatly hidden away.

Draws however can be perfect for spare bedding or towels neatly storing them underneath your bed.

Did you know you can even buy an upholstered bed with a TV built in? These are lowered with a remote in the foot of your bed when not in use and raised when you want to watch TV. Offering the ultimate in luxury to your bedroom.

Bed Styles

Choosing the style of upholstered bed is equally as important. Upholstered beds come in a wide variety of styles.

Again ensuring the bed will fit correctly is important, for example, TV beds, although they are luxurious, can take up a lot of room in your bedroom. Likewise sleigh beds they tend to use up more room than a normal bed frame with them having both a high headboard and foot end too. They can, however, look very impressive in the right bedroom.

For homeowners who prefer a more minimalistic style then there is a wide variety of more simple, modern bed styles to choose from.

The Fabric Choice

Once you have decided on the style and storage facilities for your bed. Another consideration would be the fabrics and which would best suit your room decor and furniture.

Leather is a popular option with a lot of homeowners, especially with pets or children. Purely due to the fact that it’s easy to clean and where pets are concerned the hair does not stick to it.

Upholstered fabrics can look absolutely stunning and are available in many different modern colour options. Furthermore, they are comfortable and soft.

If luxury and romance is more your style, then take a look at the velvet upholstered beds, these can certainly add that touch of luxury into the bedroom.

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