Day Beds - combining a sofa and a bed

Day Beds are a really useful use of space for children’s bedrooms or guest beds. The idea is that they can be used as a sofa or seating area during the day and then made into a full-size bed at night. An ideal substitute to the sofa bed or folding z bed, a more stylish solution for the living room or bedroom area.

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Choosing the right type

The Benefits

Perfect for accommodating extra guests by combining a sofa and a bed in one. They are a great solution for rooms with limited space, or for people who want a stylish sofa and occasional bed. A stylish looking piece of furniture which doubles up as a bed on an evening.

Various types

Generally, they are three different types, these include the traditional standard day bed, metal day beds and sofa beds. All of which are different by style and their functionality.

The standard / traditional option

This bed looks just like a sofa with a backrest. Its base is wider than a normal sofa, in order for it to make a comfortable bed without any assembling.

Metal collection

The metal day bed is very similar to the above, however, the frame instead of fabric has metal piping for a more industrial/modern look.


In functionality it is the same as the others, the main difference is it has mechanisms that turn it from a sofa into a bed. The functionality is carried out by either clicking it back into its place or generally pulling out the frame.

Another important factor about sofa beds is they can often accommodate up to two people. Perfect for when those extra guests arrive!

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