16 Jul

Wooden Kids Beds


Wooden Kids Beds North East Suppliers

Wooden kids beds can suit most styles of children’s bedrooms. When you are looking for the traditional oak or some of the modern painted wooden kids beds we have a wide variety to choose from.

Painted Wooden Kids Beds 

A recent modern trend has been the painted look for many rooms around the home. With a variety of colours to choose from these painted wooden beds can help complement your children’s bedroom.

Often designing children’s bedrooms can be a challenge, whether it is a boy or girls room. Therefore our white painted wooden kids beds can go with a variety of colour schemes, standing the test of time.

Wooden Bunks 

Wooden bunks can help maximise the space in your children’s bedroom. Choose from solid oak frames or painted wooden bunks. We also have a range of bunks with extra storage space and the option of a trundle bed perfect for when that extra guest decides to stay over.

With a children’s bunk bed, neutral colours can be perfect to blend in with various colour schemes. Especially, as your child’s tastes begin to change often does the colour scheme of their bedroom. Therefore choosing a style which will last for a few years is quite important.

Choosing he right bed for your Child’s bedroom 

When it comes to children and teenagers they often want their own area to socialise, play and relax in. Therefore, we have a wide variety of styles and colours to help make your child’s bedroom their own in our online store. No matter if you want beds with storage, desks, cabin styles, furniture sets, midsleepers, bunks, high sleepers, single or double beds, we have a good selection suitable for both children and teenagers.

If you cannot find the type of bed you are looking for or you require a different colour which is not in our store. Please get in touch and we will do our best to see if we can source it for you.

You can see our full collection of kids beds here. Alternatively, please get in touch if you require any further information.

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