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Harrison Mattresses


Harrison Mattresses North East Stockists

Harrison mattresses are a sign of luxury. Manufactured by a family company who are renown for their handmade beds and mattresses.

Harrison Spinks offer innovation along with a high quality product. Harrison mattresses use both modern and traditional techniques in order to manufacture their high quality Harrison mattresses

The Fillings 


You will find silk in many of their mattresses. Its natural moisture absorbing features help you stay cool in the summer and warmer during the winter months.


A softer and a stronger ingredient, the double coat of the Cashmere goat is not only highly resilient but lovely and soft. Its outer layer is durable. whilst its soft under down is more insulating and lighter.


With the finest of textures, this softer than wool ingredient has a luxurious feel. Harrison Spinks use this in the top filling layers of their mattresses.


Flax another filling you will find in many of their mattresses. This fibre is used to make linen, a strong, light material which offers breathable organic fillings, in-turn helping improve moisture management.


A highly absorbent material which is naturally resistant when it comes to mildew. Keeping your bed fresh and hygienic.

Cotton & Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is both softer and longer in length. Ideal for keeping you cool and dry.

Sheep’s Wool

Sheep’s wool is soft, shrining and also naturally supportive. The sheep’s wool keeps you both warm and dry. It has anti-bacterial properties and is more sustainable as the wool is from their own sheep they raised.


Sumptuous layers, springy, hardwearing and durable. Horse hair is a uniquely resilient fibre which is used in many of their higher-end mattresses .

White Curled Hair 

Bounce and curl give both loft and comfort. Whist being resilient and durable, the hollow fibres allow the humidity to be extracted in turn encouraging a micro-climate around the body.


Handmade Harrison Mattresses

Each Harrison mattress is hand-made using 100% natural fillings. Some of the finest natural fibres used are grown on their own farm. The more exotic fillings such as cashmere and Egyptian cotton are sourced for their quality, before they are blended into the sumptuous fillings at the Harrison Spinks factory.

Levels of support Harrison Mattresses

Harrison mattresses come in various support levels from gentle support to medium and firm.

This is achieved by varying the tensions in their Revolutionary spring system. In many cases both partners can have different requirements. These mattresses can be tailor-made so each side of the mattress has a different firmness level.

If a mattress is too soft, it can put pressure on the lower back, causing stiffness the following day.

In the case of a mattress being too firm it can cause pressure around the hips, knees and shoulders in turn causing a restless nights sleep.

For this reason, we advise all our customers to call into our store and let your bed experts help you select the right mattress to suit your own individual sleeping posture.  When a mattress is the right one for you, it will support your body evenly, helping alleviate pressure, keeping your spine aligned.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding our Harrison mattresses, please get in touch. For your information, these products are only available from our high street store Darlington Bedding Centre in Darlington, County Durham.

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